A client may file a grievance when they feel they have been treated unjustly by CAM.

Grievance Process

The client should discuss their grievance with whomever the grievance is against and work to resolve the grievance informally between the parties involved.

If a resolution cannot be reached, then the client can complete a Client Grievance Form and submit it to CAM Manager, Ed Cieslak. The form can be completed online by clicking here, orĀ a fillable PDF of the form may be submitted by email or mail.




CAM Manager
Southwest Counseling Solutions
1600 Porter Street
Detroit, MI 48216

If the client needs help completing the form, they should ask their shelter case manager or CAM staff for assistance.

The CAM Manager will contact the client no later than ten (10) business days after receiving a grievance.

Grievance Results

If the consumer is not satisfied with the response to the grievance, the consumer may file a grievance with CoC Grievance Form.