All agencies participating in the CoC have the right to file a complaint or grievance if the agency has a complaint about the provision of services or housing or the operations of the Coordinated Entry System (CAM).

A grievance can be filed when an agency feels it has been treated unjustly by the Coordinated Entry System (CAM) or by any program or agency within the homeless system.

Grievance Process

If an agency has grievance against their agency or another, the grieving agency should first bring attention to the person or agency as a verbal or informal grievance.

If a resolution could not be reached, complete an Agency Grievance Form and submit to CoC Lead Agency.



Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND)
3701 Miracles Blvd, Suite 101
Detroit, MI 48201

*If this grievance is against HAND, it can be submitted directly to the CoC Board Chair, Amy Brown at

Written response to your grievance will be provided within 20 business days.