Coordinated Assessment Model

CAM is a community driven system, that strives to be an accessible and reliable path to housing for households experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to provide fair and equitable assistance to those in need through a standardized process and collaborative community partnerships.

CAM does not provide a direct source of housing opportunities, but rather a connection to our surrounding community partners and their resources. It is a system within Detroit’s Continuum of Care (CoC) that is currently implemented by the agencies: Southwest Counseling Solutions and Community & Home Supports (CHS).

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As the governing body for the Continuum of Care, the CoC Board is responsible for operating an effective coordinated entry system that is in compliance with requirements established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Board has established the CAM Governance Committee which is responsible for direct oversight of CAM and for bring coordinated entry policy level recommendations to the Board.

CAM Governance Committee Members:

Celia Thomas, Chair – CoC Board Representative
Charles Pearson, Co-Chair – Shelter Representative
Sarms Jabra – Funder Representative
June White – Funder Representative
Tasha Gray – CoC Lead Agency Representative
Jane Scarlett – CAM Lead Agency Representative
John Stoyka – CAM Implementing Agency Representative
Eleanor Costa- CoC Board Representative
Jessica Bembas – Street Outreach Provider Representative
Joey Merchant – PSH Provider Representative
Toyia Yancey- RRH Provider Representative
Jennifer Tuzinsky – Veterans Affairs Representative